--Join our sales team


We are the personal home sales company with a passion for clothes and fashion!

We have found amazing Lola Girls all over Sweden who work as sales representatives. Together we
have built a team spirit with lots of love and a will to succeed.

We are very proud of our sales team and delighted that we continue to grow in such a remarkable
way! The individual sales of our representatives are high, which contributes to our growth and to
more money in the sellers' wallets :-)!

Now that we are expanding to Finland, we are looking for Lola Girls there to meet our lovely
home sale hostesses and customers. It’s time to try something new! It's your turn now!

An important part of the sales role at House of Lola is having a strong interest in clothing in general,
and Lola clothing in particular. You need to find it exciting to meet new people. You will be able to
decide on and plan your work as you wish. With passion and dedication, you will go far! Getting to
know many new friends, as colleagues, hostesses and customers, in the same phase of life as
yourself, is an added bonus! Combining the role of a sales representative for House of Lola with other
work, studies or parental leave is perfect and provides both a lot of fun and extra money.

As a seller you will benefit from:

• Commission on your sales.

• A discount on purchases for yourself and your immediate family.

• A team leader who supports and guides you.

• The freedom to recruit hostesses (friends, kindergarten moms, neighbors, colleagues,
relatives, etc.) to host a House of Lola party as you wish, in accordance with your own

• The responsibility to register orders and to do follow-ups with customers. House of Lola
takes care of supplying garments and receiving payments directly from the customer.

And most of all – we all have Lola fun!

Send us your application and we will contact you and tell you more. ansokan@houseoflola.se

We are delighted to inform you that from the fall of 2014 House of Lola will be present in Finland.
House of Lola is working hard at this juncture recruiting sales representatives and team leaders in preparation for starting out in Finland in the fall. Maybe you personally or an acquaintance of yours has friends in Finland who you think would be curious to find out more about the fun that being part of House of Lola entails. We would appreciate it if you would encourage them to send in their application without delay, so that they can perhaps be part of our group right from the outset, on our exciting journey into Finland in the fall of 2014. You can apply easily here on our website or by emailing your application to ansokan@houseoflola.se

Join one of our sale representatives Lola at Åsa´s place!